I do not claim to be a Duluth native know-it-all, but I do want to be treated with respect.  Especially because the bridge operator didn't know if I was a local or a tourist and HE WAS RUDE!  I admit, I am unaware of any Aerial Lift Bridge etiquette, but I am willing to be schooled.  Who can help me to avoid sarcasm from the bridge operator again?

Here's what went down.  My hubby and I were running in the morning over the weekend and were about to head over the Aerial Lift Bridge to get to our car.  We decided to walk across the bridge and had just entered the cement apron leading up to the bridge.  Note that we were inside the gate that comes down to hold traffic back, but hadn't yet stepped onto the actual bridge.  The alarm sounded and we immediately stopped and I turned to my husband and said "I'm sorry", because I had stopped to walk across the bridge instead of continuing to run across and we turned around to head off the bridge.

All of a sudden the bridge operator gets on his PA system and sarcastically says, (I'm paraphrasing because I was shocked we were being yelled at and was so mad). "Hey, when the alarm goes off it doesn't mean try to run across the bridge. Turn around and get off the bridge!" Now, I know he was talking to us because he lifted the gate arm up a little to let us out (how nice of him).

I always try to do the right thing and don't believe I deserved to be spoken to like that and would certainly apologize if I had done something wrong.  But, did I?

Is there Aerial Lift Bridge Etiquette?  If you're past the gate and on the cement apron are you supposed to keep going?  At what point do you NOT turn around when you're on the bridge and the alarm sounds?  Someone should write the list of rules and post it on the City of Duluth's website.

Oh, and I apologize if I did something wrong.

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