Miranda Lambert sent my world into a frenzy Thursday afternoon when she posted a series of very cryptic messages across her social media pages.

Splashed across her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts is a short video. It begins with a black screen and an arrow with the words "coming soon" slowly appears.

Take a look at the tease below:

All that she offered up with the creepy message is a winky face. Give us more than that, Miranda!!

Obviously, this could mean a few things. The musician could be coming out with new music. She could be announcing a new tour. Maybe it has to do with her clothing collection.

My money is on new music. Her last album 'The Weight Of These Wings' was released in November of 2016. She hasn't released new music since, with the exception of her side project with the Pistol Annies.

She has also been through quite a bit of life since her last album. She's gone through a few public breakups, a secret wedding to a New York City Police Officer and some not-so-pretty press. (Hello Saladgate 2018!) And because sometimes we forget, she's also continued saving dogs all across the country with her MuttNation Foundation. I can't wait to hear what she has to say.

Hopefully she lets us know what this means soon!! I am the biggest Miranda fan there is so you know I will be waiting at the edge of my seat.

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