When I arrived to the station for the first time late last year, I noticed an empty once-upon-a-time gas station pretty much sitting in the parking lot. I was sad that it was no longer open because it would be pretty convenient (probably too convenient) to be able to take a few steps out our front door and grab a treat.

(By the way - the building in question is on the corner of Central Entrance and Arlington. The station is located at 14 East Central Entrance near a McDonald's and Kwik Trip.)

My luck seemed to turn around last month when I started to notice some workers arrive to the location with construction equipment. Slowly but surely, the outside of the building started to look different.

Flash forward to the past week or so and now it seems that a Caribou Coffee may be going in its place. This fact was first pointed out to me by a few of my coworkers so I can't take all the credit for this one.

First off, the outside sure looks a lot like other Caribou Coffees. We see a light wood exterior with light blue trim - which happens to be the same shade as the logo. Coincidence?

Lauren Wells, Townsquare Media Duluth
Lauren Wells, Townsquare Media Duluth

I have walked over to those working on the site many times and asked what was going in the building. Every time, they have told me they don't know. They also said they don't know when they will be done on construction. Are they pulling my leg? Probably.

I decided to go to the source and ask an employee the next time I went to the coffee house. I didn't get much there, either.

I wasn't ready to take no for an answer so I did an extensive internet search on available jobs at the company in the area. What do you know? I came across a posting for a 'General Manager' position at a store that doesn't exist. The address listed is 2 East Central Entrance. The Kwik Trip next door is located at 4 East Central Entrance.

It looks like we will just have to wait and see but for now, my money is on a Caribou Coffee, which would be the best thing in the entire world - even though it has not been confirmed just yet. Hopefully we find out soon but all the signs are pointing to this dream of mine coming true!

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