The mining industry on the Iron Range has certainly been in the news lately.  Some good news, like laid off workers being asked back, some not so good news with closures that include an iconic tourist destination, Mineview in the Sky


When you stand at Mineview in the Sky you feel as if you're on top of the world or at least at the top of the Iron Range.  You can see for miles and miles!  As reports and the video below will show you, you have the chance to view Rouchleau Pit which looks more like a lake, you'll view an active mine pit at United Taconite and if you look way off in the distance you'll see the giant wind turbines some Rangers use for electricity.

It has existed for 36 years and whether you are a local, a Northlander or a world traveler, you will enjoy the experience and learn more about mining.  It isn't lack of visitors to the popular attraction that is causing it to close.  They are having to close because of a road being relocated.  Once the relocation construction is completed they hope to open a new viewing area that will boast state of the art equipment.

If you haven't been there or want to see the historic Mineview in the Sky one more time, you have until the end of September before it closes.  Hopefully the season's colors will be out enhancing the beauty of the north country. The facility is open seven days a week from 9a-6:30p.

If you can't make it there here's a video that can give a peek at what you are missing.  Obviously, it would be MUCH better to view in person.