Iron Range Tourist Stop Closes
The mining industry on the Iron Range has certainly been in the news lately.  Some good news, like laid off workers being asked back, some not so good news with closures that include an iconic tourist destination, Mineview in the Sky
Cook County Fishing Closures Will Protect Spawning Fish
Even if the announcement about the 2013 fishing season involves closures, it is nice to think ahead to warmer weather and the season getting underway.  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wishes to inform anglers that there will be several fishing closures in Cook County during …
Jay Cooke State Park Closed Indefinitely
The Jay Cooke State Park will remain closed indefinitely following the historic flood on June 20th, 2012.  Highway 210 that runs through the park is washed away near the bridge and much of the park has been washed away as well.