Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching.  I know I should think of Mexican food and culture, and I do love tequila.  However, the thing that came to mind when I realized how close we were to Cinco de Mayo is that I need to watch the Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short comedy 'Three Amigos' in the near future.

I realize that we're not talking an Academy Award winner here, but there are enough silly moments that make it a good way to spend a couple hours.  Here are 5 of my favorite scenes:


They think the amigos are tough killers, not soft actors.  From the individual reactions to their shot of tequila to the performance of the 'My Little Buttercup' song in front of a tough crowd, this entire bar scene is an easy choice.


A singing bush and invisible swordsman?  Sure, why not and make sure you make up silly sayings on the spot too.


The desert is one hot place, if you're Steve Martin and Martin Short.


What to get an evil Mexican leader in the hot, dry desert?


Steve Martin tries to discreetly get the the others to notice him.


What scenes did I forget?


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