Taylor Swift is in the news after an incident that took place several years ago is finally going to court.   She accused a Denver DJ of groping her butt during a meet & greet. We are still waiting to see how this will all pan out, but it brings to mind a time that I had an incident when I met Taylor Swift.

Unfortunately, this was before I had Facebook, and I never saved a copy of the photo, but I do remember it like it was yesterday.

She was an opening act for Brad Paisley at the Minnesota State Fair in 2007.   I was a relatively new DJ here at B105, and I was lucky enough to be the guy that got to go to the concert and help make sure our listeners who won tickets were taken care of.  We also scored some meet and greets for Taylor Swift.   Granted, she wasn't nearly as big as she is now.  Nobody new what kind of huge star she was going to become.

We got backstage and waited in line to meet Taylor.  I remember the day well, it was hot, and Kellie Pickler was on stage, performing to the crowd.  We got to watch backstage and that was the beginning of a few year crush I had on Kellie Pickler.  She was just charming.

Anyway, back to the incident.  It finally came my time to meet Taylor and I stood next to her nervously for the picture.  I remember how kind and sincere she was.  She was also taller than I expected, but she was wearing some platform shoes.  As I moved close to awkwardly put my arm around her, I stepped on her open toe shoes.

She grimaced in pain.  I about died inside.  Here I was, a 200 something pound man who stepped on her bare toes.  I fully expected to have broken them.  She is such a petite person I feared the worse.  But, she brushed it off quick, smiled and acted like nothing happened.

I watched closely when she performed and she seemed to be just fine, so we dodged a bullet.

Now a lot can change in 10 years, but I really have a hard time believing Taylor would make up something about this Radio DJ.  She was kind and very accomodating to folks in line.  There was even a creepy guy that was a super fan that threw red flags up for me, but she graciously met with him and was very nice.  (I would have ran.)


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