Through the course of our two-day Radiothon, you'll hear a number of powerful stories about how children have been given a new lease on life thanks to research and treatment paid for by donations from people just like you.

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Money raised through events like ours gives St. Jude funding to continue research and advancements in cancer treatments that are not only used at their hospital, but also shared with others hospitals around the world. St. Jude also uses donations to make sure families aren't hit with financial burdens during the treatment process for their children, covering not only treatment, but also travel and other costs so families can just focus on their child and not on the expenses that come along with fighting cancer.

St. Jude
St. Jude

There are two easy ways to be a hero, donating money toward helping children and families impacted by these devastating diseases.

As a special thanks for everyone that becomes a Partner in Hope, donating $20/month to St. Jude, you will receive a "This Shirt Saves Lives" t-shirt. These awesome shirts have been sported by many celebrities (like the ones below) supporting St. Jude, and we'd love to send one your way for joining us in being heroes for children and families looking to St. Jude for help.

Country Artists at St. Jude Through the Years:

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