Duluth is filled with fun and unique staples but this one inside Fitger's might just take the cake for the most random - and the most fun!

You may have noticed it while shopping in the complex or maybe even while you've been waiting to eat at Mexico Lindo or the Brewhouse. Maybe you noticed it while you were cooling off from this year's Fitger's 5K. No matter how you come across it, this is an amazing little hidden gem inside Fitger's.

It may be a play on the fact that some think the whole complex is haunted. There is no evidence to back up the fact that it might be haunted but thanks to its historic vibe, there are some rumors that it might be.

Even if it isn't haunted, it does have an old school vibe which some might associate with being haunted! One thing is for sure: it is completely unique and this little hidden gem is just more proof of that.

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Have you seen it? The hidden gem I am talking about is the daycare center. It is not a daycare center at all - it is just a fun setup! I first noticed the sign that hangs from the ceiling and expected there to be a long hallway or a door with a daycare center when you turn the corner.

That is not at all what I got: instead, I got quite the surprise! A handful of skeletons that look up to no good are in a small little cellar-type spot behind a gate and that is the "daycare" center in question. There is even a clipboard where you can sign your kids up. Ha!

Inside This Hidden Fitger's Gem

Isn't this just the best thing ever? There is very little known about it or why it is even a thing in the first place. I scoured the internet and the Fitger's website and there is nothing on this daycare center.

However, Fitger's shows up on a search if you look for daycare in the area! I can't say I was expecting anything this quirky but now, I can't not stop every single time I go to Fitger's to eat or shop. Plus, you have to love when people celebrate Halloween year round.

You can find the hidden gem near the salon. I think my favorite part is how there is a staircase leading to the "daycare center" so you can walk down a few stairs and get an even closer look at the ghosts and ghouls.

Like I said, Fitger's is a very historic building and is a huge part of the Duluth experience. It is located in downtown Duluth right along the shores of Lake Superior. It is a big complex with a hotel, popular restaurants and shops.

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