The Walmart store in Hermantown is doing something special for seniors and those most at-risk from COVID-19.

Signage posted to their exits and entrances state that there is an hour-long shopping event for those mentioned above each week. The event takes place every Tuesday beginning at 6 a.m. and lasting until 7 a.m.

Other signage suggests customers wear a mask or face cover of some kind when entering the store.

In mid-March, as concerns over COVID-19 began to grow, Walmart announced they would be reducing their store hours in an effort to allow employees to stock essential products and clean and sanitize stores countrywide.

In early April, Walmart locations across the country announced they would begin limiting the number of customers they have inside their stores by regulating store entry, instituting one-way traffic through aisles and adding signage to encourage social distancing from others.

On a happier note, in 2018, the giant chain released a fun study regarding what residents in each state were buying most from their website. Minnesotans purchased Flamin' Hot Cheetos over every other thing on their website. As for Wisconsin residents, they were into a specific Green Bay Packers bath mat. This was a little random but awesome.

By the way - Walmart isn't the first store to roll out special shopping periods during the pandemic. In April, Sam's Club announced they would be offering a special two-hour period every Sunday for healthcare workers and first responders. The event begins at 8 a.m. and continues until about 10 a.m.

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