The Hermantown Police Department responded to an alarming 911 call earlier this week that described a vehicle driving erratically with the passengers armed with guns. Officers of course take this very seriously as it is a dangerous situation as it is "fluid and dynamic." The situation can evolve rapidly.

Hermantown Police officers were able to find the vehicle and make a felony stop. A felony stop means that the officers exited their vehicles and made the stop with their weapons drawn, yelling commands for the driver to comply, much like in this training video.

After the stop was performed, officers learned that the individuals in the car were teenagers. They were participating in a local Nerf War. Nerf Wars have been happening and causing problems in communities across the United States in the last decade or so. Unfortunately, teens have been killed, usually involving motor vehicle accidents. Two star athletes were killed in Lakeville, Minnesota while playing Nerf war and getting into a car accident.

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The Hermantown Police Department notified the parents, and they hope that the students learned their lesson. This game can cause distracted, erratic driving. Teenagers playing with Nerf guns may seem harmless, but at a quick glance, the guns could be mistaken as something more serious, especially when traveling at high speeds on the road. If you were to see a Nerf gun shadow through a car window, it could easily be misidentified as a real weapon. Hermantown Police say it has all the ingredients of a disaster.

They end their message with a plea for students to make better choices and avoid "predictable and preventable events."

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