If you've been driving near Gander Mountain in Hermantown, you've seen the signs saying that all store merchandise is being sold off at a discount and that the store is closing.  As it turns out, that's only partially true.

I saw the signs myself so I went in on Sunday and can confirm that they have everything on sale.  However, it turns out that while Gander Mountain is, in fact, out of business, the store location will remain open under a new name.

After selling everything they can from within the store, and I mean everything as one employee told me they're even going to sell things like store countertops, they will re-open as Gander Outdoors.

CEO Marcus Lemonis originally publicly offered 25k for whoever designs the new Gander Outdoors logo.  Recently, he upped the ante and is now offering 75k for the winner and 1k gift cards for 74 runner ups.  There have been some great logo ideas submitted via Twitter already, but there's room for yours.

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