Another Friday is upon us and with that, time that Ken & I own up to our own personal failures from the week. We do this at the end of each work week on The New Breakfast Club with Ken & Lauren in hopes that we can try to be better next time around.

This week, Ken got angry at mother nature when he was just trying to enjoy his new, expensive shorts and a bratwurst. This came at the cost of his neighbors. I taught my niece something in secret that I was later busted for.

It turns out, we weren't that awful of people this week and our confessions can be easily forgiven (I think.) Ken called himself the bigger jerk but his wrongdoing was on the tame side of things compared to usual.

I personally feel a lot better getting this off my chest and I hope that I can have another tame confession next week, too. Ha!

You can find out what I taught my niece above.

To watch confessions past, click here.

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