The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a pretty neat discount program designed to introduce people to the sport.

Hunting and fishing licenses only $5 for resident first-time buyers.

You can get a license for your first time hunting for as little as $5 if you are a Wisconsin Resident. Those licenses include:

  • Gun Deer First-time Buyer
  • Junior Gun Deer First-time Buyer
  • Archer First-time Buyer
  • Junior Archer First-time Buyer
  • Small Game First-time Buyer
  • Junior Small Game First-time Buyer
  • Senior Small Game First-time Buyer
  • Annual Fishing First-time Buyer
  • Trapping First-time Buyer
  • Spring Turkey First-time Buyer
  • Fall Turkey License & Harvest Authorization First-time Buyer

This is a fantastic program, and I've known about it for a few years. I had a friend invite me to go spring turkey hunting, and I was surprised at the checkout when I only owed five dollars.

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You can get discounts on licenses for your mentors.

What I didn't realize is that I should have called the Wisconsin DNR and got discount points for my buddy who invited me. The Wisconsin DNR has a "reward your recruiter" program.

Wisconsin residents who have been designated a recruiter three or more times within one license year are eligible for a discount on the license of their choice the next year.  To designate someone as a recruiter, have both of your DNR customer numbers ready at call them at 1-888-936-7463.

I think it's a great program and a fantastic way to help pass along outdoor traditions in the State of Wisconsin.

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