The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is encouraging anglers to use their online license system for buying fishing licenses. That's super convenient, but what's even more exciting is that showing proof on your phone is valid for a license. If you're like me, I've forgotten my license a dozen times. It's super convenient to have it on your phone. Usually if you forget your phone you aren't going far anyway, so odds are you'll have your license if needed.

WDIO quoted DNR regional supervisor Scott Toshner who says,

"It's on your phone so it's legal to buy it on the app and then you'll have it on your app. If a warden wants to come and contact you about your information, you can pull it up on the app and that makes you legal."

The Wisconsin DNR also encourages you to purchase a conservation card by using the Go Wild online system. You can purchase your licenses through the mobile friendly site, and you can also upgrade for the conservation card. It costs $3.50 and is mailed to you. It's a more durable card that works better than a paper license. They don't expire and you can use it to access your records. So it's another nice option to keep track of your licenses throughout the year.

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Setting up an account is relatively easy in Wisconsin. If you are a Wisconsin resident, the DNR offers very well discounted licenses for your first time. For example you could get a fishing license for $5. This also applies to hunting licenses. Last year I was able to take advantage of it to try turkey hunting really cheap. It's a nice way to promote getting outdoors.

Fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 and older. If you do not wish to buy them online you can still purchase your license from vendors.

Wisconsin Fishing opener begins May 1. The DNR reminds you to be safe and wear a life jacket.

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