There are some animals that you can hunt year-round in Wisconsin. You don't even need a license for some of them. It's best to check the online hunting guidebook from the Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources.

Certain animals are actually considered invasive on this list. Others can be hunted because they are a nuisance. They are all unprotected in the state.

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There are different regulations that may apply to hunting the species, and some restrictions on the methods you use to harvest the animals. Once again, it's important to reference the GO WILD online DNR hunting regulation pamphlet. 

Reminder - Most hunting in Wisconsin has specific seasons.

While there are 12 animals that you can hunt year-round in Wisconsin, most have specific seasons. Always check with the DNR before you hunt, and be sure that you correctly know how to identify your prey.

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Animals You Can Hunt Year Round In Wisconsin

Did you know there are certain animals that you can hunt at any time during the year in Wisconsin? Some of them are non-native and are unprotected. Others can be a nuisance. Here's the list of what you can hunt year-round. Some do require a license.

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