Monday night's storms are packing a punch as predicted, causing a lot power outages across the Northland already with more storms still heading our way.

When nights like this happen, whether it's due to summer thunderstorms or winter blizzards, power outages are unexpected and they can leave people scrambling to figure out how to see if their outage is being fixed or if it still needs to be reported.

On Monday night, the City of Duluth reminded residents about how this process works with Minnesota Power. With Minnesota Power, there's a pretty slick, interactive map that will show constantly updated information on how many power outages there are and how many customers are being impacted. There's also a handy button on the top of the page that allows customers to report outages in their area.

You can click on the button below to access the map, then bookmark it so it'll be handy to find should you need it.

For the storms on Monday, July 26, the map certainly had a lot of activity. As or 11:20 p.m. there were 154 active outages, affecting 11,243 customers. Minnesota Power crews are out there doing their best to get them all resolved as efficiently as they can.

Superior, Water, Light and Power & Power has a similar webpage for their customers, including a direct link to Minnesota Power.

To me, that is key. While it's inconvenient when the power goes out, it eases the stress level knowing the power company is aware and they're working to get it fixed. Then it's just a waiting game, but there are several entertaining things you can do under such circumstances.

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