Today is National Kick Butts Day, where they urge you to using tobacco for one day.  The goal is that if you can make it one day without cigarettes, you know you can do it.  I smoked my last cigarette 16 months ago, and it wasn't any tricks or patches, or gum that got me to quit.  I've tried that before.  This time I had the key.

And it's really simple.  Here's the key:  You need to find a GOOD reason to quit smoking that motivates you.   The surgeon general warning on the pack doesn't do it.  At least it didn't for me.  The thought of developing lung cancer was scary (it killed my grandpa who smoked for years), but it still wasn't enough to get me to quit.  You think of those illnesses as far off in the distance and that you have plenty of time to quit before you do THAT much damage.   But then you know the story... you keep smoking.

The key for me and the reason I successfully have stayed smoke free was because I was losing my voice.  I was wheezing when I talked and I was running out of breath far too easily walking up stairs.  One day it hit me that this is already killing me.  Also, it was the day of my daughter's 2nd birthday and I didn't want to be the dad that smoked.

I previously tried to quit probably about 4 times, but this time it stuck because I had a reason.  You should find yours!  Think about how many people finally find their reason to quit smoking when it's too late, on their death bed.  You just need to push that reason up to NOW before it's too late.

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