You can help support Animal Allies to continue to provide medical support and care for homeless animals in the Northland by attending one of their biggest fundraisers of the year The Annual Fur Ball. This year they are gathering to raise money for our Healing Hearts and Paws Program.

The mission at Animal Allies is to place every one of their animals in a loving home. But some animals that they take in require extensive medical treatment above and beyond average care. These pets also deserve the best care possible, and this sometimes means the need to raise extra funds to cover those costs which is why they established the Healing Hearts and Paws Fund (HHPF). Every time a donation is made to the HHPF those funds are earmarked for special cases.

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Most recently two dogs named Gus and Precious both came to Animal Allies with major medical needs. According to "When shelter medical staff performed the intake exam on Gus and Precious, they quickly noted something off about their heartbeats. Consultation with a specialized veterinary cardiologist in the Twin Cities confirmed the bad news: both dogs had heart murmurs. The cardiologist recommended both dogs receive heart surgery at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities." The cost of the surgery for both dogs is $8,000. Cases like this are why fundraisers like this one are so important.

The Fur Ball is Saturday, October 15 at Northland Country Club from 5:00-11:00 PM. There will be an initial cocktail hour followed by dinner and an auction, plus games, and door prizes too. If you are passionate about helping out homeless animals please make plans to attend this fantastic event. For more information and to order tickets Click Here.

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