Pay it forward, act of kindness, these are phrases that are helpful. Sometimes the smallest show of kindness or charity will go a long way. Ever wonder what a little favor may do? I have been fortunate to find out I have inspired people, and have told the people that have inspired me, what a difference they have made in my life.

This video is one of those stories. The story of a little boy who is caught stealing some medicine for his sick Mom, and is pardoned and given soup and other things to make his Mom well.

Watch this inspiring story and think, what each of us can do in order to inspire someone else.  It may just be taking the old lady across the street to the grocery store or just checking on her when it is cold out. Making a meal for a family who doesn't have much or donating a toy for children that don't have much.

As we approach this holiday season, if you have enough, think of those that are struggling and help if you can.

Our food shelves are empty and people need warm clothes.