I was visiting my friend Tyler at Miller Dwan today when the CNA asked us how far we go back as friends. We had to do our math for a minute and we figured something around 14-15 years. We don't remember the exact year, but we remember when we met on a B105 bus trip to Country Fest. Tyler and I hit it off, and we've been friends ever since.

He's always been someone I could count on if I needed a hand with anything. Tyler is my kinda guy. He's genuine. He has a big heart, and he's been there for many people in his life. There will never be another person like Tyler, whether or not that's a good thing who knows?! Just kidding, Tyler.

Tyler actually was featured in one of our videos almost 10 years ago when we visited "Ice Cribs" across the Northland. Check it out!

It's been a tough few months for Tyler and his family. During a CT scan early this summer, doctors found 3 dissections and an aneurysm. He went under two surgeries with the first one in July to sleeve off a dissection and coil another. Basically, doctors had to repair veins in multiple areas of Tyler. The second surgery in August was to sleeve a major dissection and evacuate an aneurysm near his spine. There was a 7% chance of spinal damage, and unfortunately, that is exactly what happened.

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Tyler has been in Miller Dwan Rehab since August doing intensive physical therapy to bring back mobility. He's been learning how to get in and out of his wheelchair and get around so he can return home. Unfortunately, this will be a long recovery, but Tyler has shown some great progress. After surgery he could barely wiggle his toes., now just five weeks later he is able to walk with a walker for some distance. Tyler is giving it hell because that's what he does. Like I told Tyler today, "You're too stubborn not to be back on your feet someday."

He and his family could use some help financially. Tyler's been out of work and his short-term disability is running out. His wife, Ana has been working long hours trying to make ends meet, while Tyler has been working on trying to physically be able to work in the future. Medical bills are piling up too, as you can imagine.

I know it's tough for Tyler and his family to ask for help. That's not in his nature. But like I told him today, they deserve the help. If you could, donating to a GoFundMe created for their family would really help.

It's not often that I share something like this asking for help. It's also not very often you meet someone like Tyler. He's one of a kind and deserves any help you can give.

Thank you!

Ken Hayes

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