With our crazy week of weather, Bentleyville was forced to shut down, which means a few days without anybody touring and donating canned goods and toys.  With bitterly cold weather now, traffic could be slow which could cause a short supply of much needed donated items.

That's why Nathan Bentley, the mayor of Bentleyville, is encouraging those who do make the trip down there do double up on their donations if they can.  KBJR-TV is reporting that with 25,000 pounds of food and 1,400 new toys collected last year, Bentleyville is one of the largest donation sites for the region.

So, if you have the means, bring a few canned goods or a couple toys instead of one when you visit Bentleyville.

Remember, you can also help contribute to families in need just by listening to B105.  Listen for full details on our 'Caring Christmas', where you can win a CD and be a part of our toy donation.

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