This is everything we didn't know we needed.

It seems that the Lake Superior Zoo has a few new additions and basically, we are booking it over there as soon as possible.

The zoo announced the big news on their Facebook page recently. So what are the new additions? Baby African Pygmy Hedgehogs!

Three baby girls are now on exhibit in the Griggs Learning Center, along with mother hedgehog Hashbrown. Swoon.

There were six African Pygmy Hedgehogs born at the zoo about six weeks ago - three boys and three girls.

The boys are not on display at this time because they need to be separated from the females, as they will be mature enough to have babies of their own soon.

I am absolutely obsessed with these hedgehogs and will be going to pay them a visit very soon.

Last May, there was also another adorable addition. A baby ring-tailed lemur joined the family. This is all just too much cuteness to handle.

See you all at the zoo!

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