On Friday the Federal Government warned of a two week shut down of the meat industry. Spending cuts as part of the fiscal cliff agreement will not allocate money for meat inspectors on March 1, which could collapse the meat (includting pork and poultry) producers.

Meatpackers and processors are not allowed to ship beef, pork, lamb and poultry without an Agricultural Department inspection seal. It's still not known how badly it would hurt the whole meat community, some say 10 billion dollars.

According to Ashley Davis at opposingviews.com, The "fiscal cliff" remains unresolved and has been delayed until March 1. With both sides disagreeing on it, many wonder if they will be able to set their differences aside and come together on a plan.If they're unable to come to an agreement, the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service will have to furlough its employees.

Obviously, the cost of the meat that has been shipped will increase immensely.  So, if this all goes through, what you pay for meat in the grocery store will be through the roof. Predictions are that people may find alternates for eating meat.

Livestock inspectors in Chicago, however, were skeptical of the White House warning.  They are saying it would cause too much backlash and would get lawmakers voted out of office. It would affect people on all sides of the meat issue. Producers, inspectors and consumers. All of which have a vote and could change the person that didn't take action to take care of the "cliff".

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