It looks like scammers are capitalizing on the mass hysteria surrounding the coronavirus.

The United States Secret Service issued a press release this week (March 4th), warning residents across the country of several coronavirus-related scams they expect to make their way into the country.

According to their press release, there are at least three scams we need to make note of.

  1. Scam 1: criminals online are posing as legitimate health organizations and distributing mass emails to the public. These emails include a fake attachment which unleashes malware onto their computer or leads the victim to a website with login credentials, which they in turn use to get personal information.
  2. Scam 2: scammers are posing as charitable organizations, asking for donations to causes related to the coronavirus.
  3. Scam 3: scammers are posing as employees in the health / sales field, pretending to sell items tied to the coronavirus, like masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. The scammers will ask for a deposit or upfront payment in exchange for the product and then never follow through on delivery.

It is really sad that we have to even worry about something like this right now but it is reality. Make sure to share the information above with your friends and family and be extra-cautious if you find yourself in any similar situation.

St. Louis County is doing their part when it comes to the coronavirus, offering an information website and hot line for anyone who may have any questions.

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