Recently, on the B105 Breakfast Club Show, Ken and I said that Spring has official arrived when we were able to get on the golf courses again.....well, according to the City of Duluth, Spring has officially Sprung.

The City of Duluth Parks and Rec announced that on April 7 both Enger and Lester Park Golf Course driving ranges will be open.  Hey, it's not the full on 9 or 18 holes, but how many times have you been in the middle of the season shanking balls and thought "I should have gotten to the driving range earlier and perfected my swing"?

Now is the time!  Their driving ranges will be open from 8a-6p daily.   Besides a bucket of balls, you can grab your season passes, course information and get in on some great preseason golf conversations.   As an added incentive, both Enger Golf Course, 1801 West Skyline Parkway and Lester Golf Course, 1860 Lester River Road will be fully open within the next three weeks.  So, get psyched and get busy!  Oh, and one more thing...if I'm going to be on the course....expect to hear FORE!!!  ALOT!!!! (Don't wear anything that resembles a target!)

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