You were wondering what to do with those bags of leaves sitting behind your house.  I know just the thing to do with them and it's free!  Plus, you'll be helping to secure a beautiful rose garden for residents and tourists to enjoy next summer.

The City of Duluth is in need of bagged leaves to place on top of the roses at the Rose Garden.  That's how they do it, they cover all the beautiful roses with bagged leaves annually to protect them from the harsh Northland winters.

I drove past the pile they have in the parking lot of the rose garden on London Road this past Sunday and it's huge, but as of today there are not enough bagged leaves to cover all the roses.

That's great news for you, if you've raked your yard and are looking for a place to deposit your leaves.  Please bring them to the parking lot of the Rose Garden,12th Ave E & London Road.  Just place them in the pile that has been started, you can't miss it!

Thanks in advance!


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