As you lazily stretch and yawn, you watch your neighbor through your front window raking their leaves.  UGH!  You know it's something on your never ending to-do list, but what  do you do with all those bags of leaves.  I know just the thing to do with them and it's free!  Plus, you'll be helping to secure a beautiful rose garden for residents and tourists to enjoy next summer. Bonus!

The City of Duluth will be "tipping the roses" soon and are in need of bagged leaves to place on top of the roses at the Rose Garden.  That's how they do it, they cover all the beautiful roses with bagged leaves annually to protect them from the harsh Northland winters.

You're invited to drop-off clean and closed garbage bags of leaves at the Rose Garden now until November 6, that gives you a target date to get the job done and it's great news for you, now you have a place to deposit your leaves.  Please bring them to the parking lot of the Rose Garden,12th Ave E & London Road, there's a designated section of the parking lot will be blocked off for your donations.

Here's the important part, the leaves need to be in clean and closed garbage bags.  The bags must only contain raked leaves and should not contain other plant or yard waste material. If you have brush, dirt or sod to get rid of they can be disposed for a fee at the WLSSD Yard Waste Compost site located on Courtland Street off Interstate 35 at 27th Avenue West. Leaves, grass clippings and house/garden plants are accepted free of charge.

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