You now have an excuse to double fist ice cream Blizzards from Dairy Queen. You're welcome.

The deal is all a measure to attract customers to their mobile app, which you will need to download to be able to cash in on the special freebie.

Once you download the mobile app, go to the "orders" section and select the BOGO Blizzard offer. With the coupon, you will get a second treat with a purchase of equal or lesser value for free.

There is one catch: it is only available through Saturday, September 15th. You better cash in quick!

If you didn't already have the mobile app, you're luck just got even better! You can also snag a free Blizzard for downloading the application and registering for an account. That is all you have to do - no purchase necessary.

Two ways to get free ice cream? No complaints here.

Dairy Queen is just one of many fast food chains offering deals through their mobile app. Right now, Wendy's has a mobile app promotion which runs all month long, offering customers a free cheeseburger with any in-phone purchase.

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