You can't make these things up.

File this under things you never knew you wanted to know: Kwik Trip is the best gas station to stop at if you're hitting the open road in Minnesota or Wisconsin. (This may seem like useless information BUT summer is right around the corner and with that comes road trip season!)

Other popular station restrooms around the country include QuikTrip, Wawa and Maverick.

GasBuddy, a smartphone app used to helps drivers find the best prices for gas and such, was kind enough to figure out which bathrooms across the country are best when nature comes calling. App users can review a gas station easily and that's how this list was comprised.

According to, nearly 40% of people said one of their big fears when trekking across the open road is "when nature calls and being unsure of where to stop for a clean restroom."

The data was collected from September of 2016 to April of this year.

Happy road tripping and you're welcome.

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