This is something from a nightmare. When you send a loved one to an assisted living facility, you put a lot of trust in them. In this case, an Aitkin County assisted living facility Chappy's Golden Shores has had it's license revoked after some horrific findings in an investigation.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, an investigation started back in November and they found 10 cases of maltreatment of clients living at the facility. Some of them included:

  • Staff member struck a client, and was demeaning to them
  • Staff member struck a client and wouldn't let them call 911
  • Threatened to kill a client's cat, another staff member grabbed his wrist and called him a derogatory name, and a third hit him with a FRYING PAN?!
  • Two staff members had sex with a client

There's more but that's enough to paint a picture of a place that shouldn't be operating.  They've now relocated the 30 clients that were living there. Chappy's is allowed to appeal the revocation, but they are not to provide any services unless the appeal is successful.


Chappy's has hired a lawyer and is disputing the revocation saying that it was a "sham investigation," and that the investigators had their minds made up before they started.

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