Frost River located in Duluth’s Lincoln Park Craft District at 1910 West Superior Street is known for their packs, luggage, shoulder bags, and more all of which are made right in the store, These hand made bags are made with the great outdoors in mind from the mind set of survival from 100's of years ago.

The items they sell are expensive, but will last a lifetime and are made from top quality material like waxed canvas that has been used since the 1800's. The leather is from a company  that later became Red Wing Shoes and the flapstraps on their canoe packs are double reinforced riveted and sewn. Also all of the buckles, snaps, and more on Frost River packs and bags are solid brass which will hold their shine for years.

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The purpose of making these items available to rent is to ensure that everyone can use these products without having to be someone with a lot of experience exploring the outdoors or also having to buy equipment you need for just an occasional get away. Retail Coordinator Matt Prois said to WDIO:

That's the beautiful thing about rentals, you don't have to commit to being an outdoorsy type person to be able to get out there and still enjoy a good adventure. Luggage is an essential part of any trip and is often an after thought. We have our boundary water packs that are good for that.  Just if you’re coming up to visit or trying to get on the beach for the weekend, you should be well prepared when going out.

I think this whole concept is absolutely fantastic, not only do you get to try out their amazing products but you can save money by renting them, and possibly deciding down the road that you need these in your life on a permanent basis. And it will most likely encourage those who live or visit the area to maybe go hiking or camping.

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