On top of the winter-like weather expect through the Northland into Thursday afternoon, there is also a Flood Advisory for much of the area into Friday morning.  With existing snow melting, St. Louis County had to close even more roads due to flooding.

KBJR-TV is reporting that the following roads have been closed in St. Louis County:

- Arnold Road in Rice Lake Township
- Munger Shaw Road in Grand Lake Township
- Fox Farm Road in Alden Township
- Leander Road in Morcom Township
- County State Aid Highway 24 in Beatty Township
- Tarkman Road in Vermillion Lake Township
- South Townline Road near Hibbing
- County State Aid Highway 81 near Hibbing
- East Goodell Road on the South Angora Township line
- Chisholm Road in Willow Valley Township
- County Road 422 in Portage Township

The following St. Louis County roads have water on them, but crews say they are still passable:

- Hermantown Road in Solway Township
- Rose Road in Solway Township
- Comstock Lake Road about 10 miles east of Cotton, MN
- McNiven Road near Great Scott Township
- Osborn Road just south of the Britt area
- Salo Road and Mesaba Road to the east of Embarrass
- East Olson Road in Field Township
- Pioneer Road in Normana Township
- Hicken Road in Rice Lake Township
- Kroll Road in Grand Lake Township
- Harnell Road in Grand Lake Township
- Canosia Road in Grand Lake Township
- Caribou Lake Road in Grand Lake Township
- Ugstad Road in Canosia Township
- Castle Road in Canosia Township
- Sassas Road in Canosia Township
- Susan Lake Road in Beatty Township

Additionally, the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office reminds people to use caution around – and to keep children away from – areas of flowing water. Unseen culverts can pose a danger or drowning hazard.

Authorities ask that anyone who encounters a dangerous road condition is asked to call 9-1-1.

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