Is tuna scrape the pink slim of seafood?  In case you hadn't heard, there has been an outbreak of salmonella in raw seafood as of late.  It has been traced back to a California company Moon Marine''s tuna backmeat.  Tuna backmeat is basically scraped off bones and appears to be ground product.  Remember the pink slime outrage?  At least that was safe!

The Yellowfin Tuna product Nakaochi Scrape has been recalled after causing sickness in 116 people in 20 states.  It was mostly found in dishes like "Spicy Tuna."  What makes this like the pink slime found in burgers is that it's meat chunks scraped off the bone.  Then it's used to add to dishes in Sushi restaurants.  What makes this dangerous is that it isn't cooked, unlike finely textured meat.

So how do you know if you're eating safe sushi?  If you're at a restaurant, you pretty much just have to have faith.  I've heard that you shouldn't eat Sushi early in the week, because they tend to get the fresh fish shipped in for the weekend.

There are some tips if you're picking it up from a grocery store or deli area.


Picking up sushi to go? Look for these three clues for a safe pick:

_ Packages should always be below the cooler's fill line and the thermometer colder than 41 degrees. If not, then you should steer clear: The fish could be spoiled.

- If there is no thermometer in sight, take a whiff. If the sushi smells fishy, it's probably, well, fishy.

- A citrus aroma may means that the fish was doused with lemon juice to overpower a foul odor. Once it passes your nose tests, you're ready to roll.

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