Today Cub Foods said they would no longer be selling hamburger or products containing finely textured beef (or better known as pink slime to the public).  Safeway earlier this week also announced they would discontinue selling the product.  The reason is not because there is anything wrong with the safety of this, but because the public's concern.

Over what?  Is it safe?  The argument that I do respect is that it should be labeled if they use finely textured ground beef.  But there really isn't an argument about whether or not it's safe.  Look here or here from the USDA.  They says it's safe, just unpopular.  To tell you the truth, you never would have noticed from the taste, except for social networks hyping it up.

There will be a day in the future, (probably our children's generation) where people may ask, "Remember when we were concerned about finely textured ground beef?"  Because most likely in the future, no one is going to care where they get meat to eat, they'll just be happy to have it from a real animal.  (We could be growing meat in the future in labs.)

With our population booming and exploding across the world, we should be happy that there are ways to mass produce and use every part of animal.  Price of meat is already going up, and expected to continue rising because of beef consumption increasing world wide.

People are complaining also about the chemicals used to wash the meat.  This is done for your safety.  Ammonium-hydroxide kills the microbes and germs that can kill you.  This is the same thing as having chlorine in your drinking water.  There is a reason that the average life expectancy is higher than it was back in the dark ages.  We've found ways through the years to prevent illness, among other things.

So, if you want labels to say what it contains, I totally agree.  However, let's no let things get so hyped up from social media.  I'm sure if you saw how a hot dog was made, you would never eat it.

Also, I'm all about buying local, homegrown, free range meat.  But if you haven't seen an animal slaughtered, let me tell you.  It ain't pretty.  Probably more disgusting than that pink slime everyone is worried about.  Point is, you're eating a dead animal either way.  Let's not freak out.

Oh one more thing, that picture at the top.  It's actually what real ground beef looks like.


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