"What the heck is a protein bowl?" That's what I asked someone who told me about Subway's new protein bowls available. Is it a salad? Is it a bowl of meat? I had to try one out for myself. I haven't ate at Subway much in recent years as I've cut out bread from my diet. (Turns out I've got a gluten sensitivity, oh joy!) It's been a bummer too, as I have a Subway situated one floor above my desk. It would come in handy to have that lunch option available. So today, I decided to give one a try.

My biggest question would be how much of a difference this would be than a salad. Salads are good and all, but there really isn't much protein to them. There never seems to be enough meat, and salads don't ever really leave you full. The protein bowl is a pretty meaty salad, and least the one I had. I opted for the Chicken Bacon Ranch.

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It was a pretty generous portion of chicken & bacon. I didn't customize it, I had it as is. It had onions, cucumber slices, green peppers, black olives, and tomato. It was layered with a bit of iceberg lettuce on the bottom, then the veggies, then the piles of meat and ranch, with cheese on the top.

I have to say, I honestly was quite impressed. It was enough to eat, it felt much more filling than a salad. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a lighter lunch, but not something that's going to leave you hungry.

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