Easter comes early this year, March 27.  It's time to start planning all the local Easter events you and your family will attend to make memories together.  I invite you to my neighborhood for one that on it's 3rd year and going strong.  The Egg-Splosion Event in Lincoln Park.

Two churches, Engage and Rock Hill Community Church have combined efforts with Northern Expressions Arts Collective to provide an event the whole family will enjoy.  When I was young the only variation of egg dyeing was hold the egg halfway in one color, then hold it the opposite way to get color on the other end.  Or, if we were feeling particularly spunky we'd write on it with a crayon and THEN dye it.  That's not the case nowadays.  At the Egg-Splosion your kids will experience tie-dyeing and marbling their eggs.  Those will be the eggs used for launching.  Yup, lol, I said launching with a wrist rocket with prizes awarded for both egg coloring and egg launching.  This is a free event to our community, invite your family, friends and neighbors!

The Northern Expressions Arts Collective organization uses arts to serve the community.  At this event they will have volunteers available to help the children create an Easter story craft.  A light breakfast will be served too.

All the fun starts at 10a at the Harrison Park and Community Center, 3002 West 3rd Street in Duluth on Saturday, March 26th.  Hope you can make it for this unique Easter celebration!

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