The Twin Ports is home to two major communities that are geographically separated by the St. Louis River: Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin.  To get back and forth, there are two major bridge structures connecting them - the older Blatnik Bridge and the newer Bong Bridge.  (A third - the Oliver Bridge - is on a smaller scale, and actually connects the two metros via Gary-New Duluth in Minnesota and Oliver in Wisconsin).

Of those major bridges is the John A. Blatnik Bridge - commonly referred to as "The High Bridge" to locals.  The bridge was originally opened in 1961, has seen a major improvement and widening project, and is now nearing the end of its official lifespan.

The Blatnik Bridge is scheduled for replacement.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation has construction on a replacement structure scheduled for completion by 2031.  As such, the agency has a series of public meetings and design timetables on the on the docket.

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Here are some facts about the John A. Blatnik Bridge that you may not have known before.  (Sources include the Minnesota Department of Transportation)

Facts About The John A. Blatnik Bridge

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