I usually don't broadcast that it's my birthday, but this cake made me change my mind this year.  It "takes the cake" for being humorous and unbelievable.  Our company celebrates employees birthdays on a monthly basis with a lunch and a decorated cake.  Do you see the error(s) before I even point them out?

When my Market Manager ordered the cake she said she spent quite some time spelling and respelling all the names for the person at the bakery.  She was surprised they had trouble with two of the names that weren't Ian's.  She said the person taking the order just couldn't grasp how to spell the name Ian, even though it consists of only three letters.

As we were sitting in the meeting enjoying our pizza and conversation in anticipation of the cake I heard someone say they had spelled my name wrong.  I figured they spelled it with a "K", rather than with a "C", I'm use to that mistake.  But, when I walked over to look at it, I LOL when I saw it.  I have never had a spelling error on a cake before, ever!  Who spells Cathy with a PH?  Although, to their credit, that's how a three year old usually says it since they aren't verse with their TH's yet.

In addition, they began Jeanne's name with a "T".  Again, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they heard "P", instead of "T" in my name, Cathy but how do you make the mistake between a "J" and a "T" with Jeanne's name?  They don't sound anything alike.  Seriously, wouldn't you check to make sure you have it correct if someone says "Cathy" and then spells it "C-A-P-H-Y"?  Bahahahahahhah

Here's the thing, would you take the cake as is rather than be late to your event or complain and make it right?  For us, no big deal, we love to laugh and this certainly provided that, but what if it had mattered, that would have been frustrating.

The cake tasted great, but we seriously wondered if it was the cake decorators first day on the job and if they would have a make it to a second.

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