I am Cathy Kates and I am addicted to cake.  I L O V E cake!!!  While on vacation recently we drove past this store while in the truck traveling to a friend's house.  I told my husband Homie, "we're definitely going there!!!"  But, when we came back through, it was closed.  I made sure to put it on the agenda for the next day, but what we encountered, I was NOT expecting!

We had no idea how far Nothing Bundt Cakes was from our campground but being adventurous and on vacation we decided to ride our bikes.  Who knew it was 12 miles???  It was a nice ride, although windy and the threat of rain the entire time, but I was riding to CAKE!

Riding in a suburb of Minneapolis is much different than riding here in the Northland.  There was excessive traffic and we had to push the walk-way button almost every block.  Not too mention walk our bikes through construction and across a SUPER busy four lane main thoroughfare that we waited to cross for about 10 minutes.  While we were waiting for the crosswalk signal and I had Nothing Bundt Cakes in my sights, I noticed it was 3 minutes to 6:00p.  We had looked up the address on the internet and I knew they closed at 6, so I was having an anxiety attack at the light!!!!

FINALLY, the ok to walk.  We ran our bikes across the busy four-lane highway, jumped on  and pedaled as fast as we possibly could (against the wind) to the store.  Screeching to a halt I noted that there was still three customers at the counter in the store, so I yelled to Homie that I was "going in".  He was digging his wallet out of the bike bag.  It was cake, he KNEW we were going to get some.

This is where the story gets sad....all they had at Nothing Bundt Cakes, was....are you ready for this, bundt cakes.  Big bundt cakes, small individual serving bundt cakes and several different flavors of bundt cakes, but no, JUST cake.

I ran in, out of breath and told the gal behind the counter how far we had ridden our bikes to come to their store.  She appeared impressed although I'm sure she was more irritated that we walked in just as they were closing.  I didn't keep her for long though.  Instead,  I hid my disappointment that they didn't have just regular cake and showed my stupidity by exclaiming, "OOOHHHH, Nothing BUNDT cakes".  My husband asked what I thought I'd get there.  Well, I can explain.  I thought it was a play on words that meant they had nothing but CAKE there and that they were using the word bundt in place of but.

LOL, we got our exercise, made some memories and had a good laugh.  Well, I was laughing...can't say the same for my hubby.

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