With weather shutting down area schools and a number of other area organizations and businesses, parents might be running out of ideas on how to entertain the kids. One (warm) idea that might have crossed some parents' minds is Duluth's Edgewater Waterpark, but are they open in the extreme cold?

The short answer is yes, however waterpark officials did share that the waterslides are closed because they're frozen. Even though the waterslides are closed, the rest of the waterpark remains open through the extreme cold, offering families a warm destination to entertain the kids and let them burn off some energy.

Making things better, officials with the waterpark shared that they are running a half-off wristband ($10/wristband off the normal $20/wristband price) offer from 4 pm to 9 pm both Wednesday and Thursday evening as a bit of a "school's closed" special. The waterpark opens at 4 pm and closes at 9 pm both days.


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