If you have visited the park prior to Monday, no need to panic just keep a look out for symptoms.  These things can happen when you have indoor water facilities and it was great to see the park take action and do the necessary actions to stop this outbreak from continuing.

An outbreak of a waterborne diarrheal disease has been linked with Duluth’s Edgewater Resort and Water Park, a state health official said on Tuesday.

Three cases of cryptosporidiosis have been confirmed and six more are suspected in Minnesota and Wisconsin, said Trisha Robinson, an epidemiologist for the Minnesota Department of Health who specializes in the waterborne disease. The cases involved both adults and children, and all of those who came down with the illness spent time at the water park this month.

Both cryptosporidiosis and the parasite that causes it, Cryptosporidium, typically are shortened as Crypto.

Robinson said many other cases may have gone unreported. “For every confirmed case, there’s usually 98.6 additional cases,” she said.

It can take anywhere from two days to two weeks for symptoms to appear, she added.

“It is certainly possible and very probable that there are additional people who are ill out there,” Robinson said. “There could be people who may have not shown symptoms yet.”

The water park voluntarily closed on Monday afternoon, and all of the water facilities were treated with super-chlorination, said Leanne Joynes, vice president of sales and marketing for ZMC Hotels of Duluth, which owns the Edgewater. After going through that process, the water park reopened at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

via Waterborne disease outbreak is traced to Duluth water park | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota.

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