Have you ordered salad from a McDonald's recently and felt a little off? This may be why.

A recent outbreak of Cyclospora, a parasite which causes a nasty intestinal infection called cyclosporiasis, has been traced to the menu staple. Symptoms of the parasite include diarrhea, lack of an appetite, nausea and fatigue.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have received several reports from customers who ate one of the chain's salads and fell ill. Reports have been filed in Minnesota and Wisconsin, along with at least five other states.

According to a statement from McDonald's, they have "stopped selling salads at impacted restaurants" until they can find a different supplier for their lettuce. About 3,000 different stores across the country are impacted by the outbreak in at least 14 different states.

McDonald’s insists they are "committed to the highest standards of food safety and quality control" and are "closely monitoring this situation and cooperating with state and federal public health authorities as they further investigate."

The CDC said in a statement on the issue that those who've had a McDonald's salad and felt ill, dating back to mid-May, should go to the doctor and get treated accordingly. They also advise throwing away any leftover salads from the chain.

The CDC adds there is no evidence right now to link this Cyclospora outbreak to the Del Monte vegetable trays that were recalled recently.

For now, go with the fries.

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