Last Friday was like any other day.  After work, I went to our Daycare center and picked up our 11 month old daughter.  That's when it started.  One of the daycare workers said it looked like Jane had a few bumps on her hand, arm, and feet.   She said that "a whole bunch" of kids were getting hand, foot, and mouth disease.

So we got home, I told my wife, and we kept a close eye on her.  The rest of that night she was fine.  The next morning, she was terrible.  Bumps had spread like wildfire, and she had horrible rashes on her bum.  She was irritable, and cried most of the day.  She ran a fever all day, and didn't sleep at all.  She finally passed out from exhaustion at about 11pm that night.

Fast forward a few days, and she's already doing better.  She has some blisters still, and bumps, but the fever is gone.  My wife, on the other hand, is not doing so well.  She caught it and has been out of work for the last two days.  It can affect adults much differently.  In her case, it's a throat full of bumps and sores, and she really hasn't been able to eat anything in the last two days.  It's pretty horrible.

The CDC says HFMD is very contagious.  But it is puzzling who it affects.  Everywhere I read, it mostly attacks children under 10, specifically under 5.  Adolecents and adults usually have developed enough antibodies that they can fight it off and show no symptoms.  That was a relief, until I found out 3 parents I know have gotten it.

As for me, I am showing no signs yet.  I'm hoping I've already been exposed and I'm immune... because the baby can still be contagious for weeks, since the virus is in her stool.

So everybody is freaking out about ebola.  Where there's been like 3 or something cases in the entire United States.  I'll worry about ebloa after we survive this crap.

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