We've had an unusually late start to the ice fishing season.  It's may be still too early to hit some of these spots, but here are some good easy places to get to and ice fish in the Twin Ports area.

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    Park Point

    On the bay side of Park Point in Duluth, you'll see an array of ice houses stretched across the flats leading up to the edge of the ice where the coast guard cuts through.  (I've never gotten THAT close.)  This is a good spot for some walleye fishing off of the bottom.  There seems to be a good amount of 'night bite' that happens here.  The most parking available is at the end of Park Point, near the harbor, and you can walk right out onto the ice.

    Ken Hayes
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    Arrowhead Pier, Superior

    This spot was featured on my open water blog about places to fish as well.  Just take a short walk to the end of the pier, and you'll find a 20 foot deep hole.  Fishing around that spot can get you some nice walleyes.

    Ken Hayes
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    Fish Lake

    Fish Lake is just a short drive to the North, and I've included Fish Lake because it's probably the easiest to get on.  You can drive down Fish Lake Dam Road, and be on the ice in just minutes.  Also several resorts offer day or season passes for their plowed roads.  Once the ice gets thick enough, you can drive right out to the good spots.  Ask a resort owner and they'll be more than happy to tell you where they are biting.

    Ken Hayes
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    Billings Park, 28th Street Superior

    I've seen some of the most action in this little bay off of 28th Street in Billings Park.  I usually put tip ups off the weed beds to catch some northerns, and the kids have fun catching perch off the bottom of the bay.

    Ken Hayes
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    Amnicon Lake, South of Superior

    A short drive South of Superior will bring you to Amnicon Lake, which is a great crappie lake.  You can get on the lake from the public access, and when the ice is thick enough, locals do plow the road out to certain spots.  It's a good place to spend a day on the ice.  They also have muskies, northerns, and largemouth bass in the lake as well.

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