As my family and I were gallivanting through the Northland on Sunday,  we were surprised in the city of Cloquet by a HUGE bunny!  It was just above the Veteran's Park on Hwy 33, across from the train and the famous Frank Lloyd Wright gas station building.  Can you picture where it is?  Kudos to whoever put that bunny together,  it looked fantastic!

It uses a rolled hay bale for it's face, BIG wooden painted ears, painted 2x4's for it's teeth and it even had a carrot!  The City of Cloquet always does such a nice job with decorations, be it Christmas, 4th of July or the infamous Lumberjack Days.

This has spurred my curiosity.  What other Easter decorations are in the Northland?  I'll share my picture with you and if you happen to run across one, snap a shot and email it to me at