The Park Point 7-Mile Garage Sale, the longest garage sale in Duluth, is coming in June and organizers have tips for attendees to help have a successful event for all.

According to the official event Facebook page, the Park Point 7-Mile Garage Sale is set for Friday, June 11 and Saturday June 12.  The sales start at 7:00 a.m. or "whenever owners get out of bed" (gotta love that!).

From then on, the entire length of Park Point will be filled with stuff for sale, as well as food vendors placed along the way. Due to COVID-19, bathrooms will not be provided.

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I know from experience that when this event is going on, Park Point can get very congested. In order to help alleviate that, and to help all have a successful sale, organizers ask that everyone follow these steps:

  1. Drive all the way down to 48th and park your vehicle at the beach house.
  2. Bring backpacks and then walk the sales all the way back to the aerial lift bridge.
  3. If you buy big stuff, ask the owners to please hold it for you and put your name on it.
  4. At the end of your shopping day, catch the Park Point city bus from the bridge and get a ride back to your car at the beach house.
  5. As you drive home from there, stop and pick up your larger items along the way.

If you want to get the whole 7 miles in, you could walk from the beach house to the Aerial Lift Bridge and then back to your vehicle.

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