If you're trying to get your Halloween on, you're going to have to wait a few more days.

The Spirit Halloween location planned for Duluth has delayed their opening a bit. They will now open on Thursday, August 27th. The good news is that the delay is less than a week, with an originally scheduled opening of Saturday, August 22nd.

Spirit Halloween is a Halloween superstore, hence their name. They are known for their spooky crafts, decor, costumes, props and trinkets. They pop up all over the country at this time of the year, hanging around until a few days after Halloween ends.

Duluth's Spirit Halloween store will also be a temporary set-up. The store will be setting up shop in the now-closed Shopko location on Central Entrance. The location is near a Caribou Coffee and Cub Foods store, among many other businesses, centered in the Stone Ridge shopping center.

The store will be open Monday through Sunday so you can shop to your heart's content any day of the week. I know I will be! Store hours are not given at this time.

I discovered that Spirit Halloween was opening up shop in the Duluth area after going to their website and trying to figure out which location I would have to road trip to. I was pleasantly surprised when a Duluth location popped up! It truly was the best news ever.

As for Shopko, they announced early last year that they would be closing their stores by the summer, after filing for bankruptcy a few months earlier.

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