'Stranger Things' is one of the biggest shows around right now. Buzz on it has died down a bit, as the series is between seasons. However, everyone is still obsessed with it regardless. That makes this news even better.

I went in to the Target store in Duluth this afternoon, as I do often, and was shocked by what I found when I was roaming around in the clothes section! I spotted a very familiar sweatshirt hanging on the rack in front of me.

Does it look familiar? If you're a fan of the show, it should! When the second season debuted last October, Minnesota fans went wild. Fan favorite Dustin was spotted wearing a purple 'Science Museum of Minnesota' sweatshirt.

It turns out the sweatshirt was authentic. According to the Science Museum of Minnesota, they used to sell the sweatshirt in question but it was discontinued in the 1980s. Because of the crazy response from the show's fans, they decided to bring it back.

The hoodie was in such high demand that the website crashed when they were first released back in November. You can still order one here.

At the time, Science Museum staff said they were trying to figure out how Netflix obtained the piece of clothing in the first place. There are some conspiracy theories floating around about it, too.

Nevertheless, now Northland residents can own the iconic sweatshirt without booking it to the cities. Target has teamed up with the Science Museum to sell the hoodie in hopes of reaching more fans.

It is in stock at the 1902 Miller Trunk Highway location in Duluth.

Now where are the Eggos?


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