How is it that I never knew there was an Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, and why is it limited to just one day of the year?

A little research confirms this day does exist and it's a fun holiday where you celebrate the morning by eating ice cream as your first meal of the day. It was started in the 1960s by a mom in New York who was trying to find fun activities for her kids during a snowstorm when they couldn’t leave the house.

The rest, as they say, is history:

A year later, during another February snowstorm, her kids reminded her that they were able to eat ice cream for breakfast the year before, and so the tradition continued. Now, ice cream shops across the United States celebrate the first Saturday in February with huge celebratory events early in the morning.

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Saturday, February 3, is when the special day falls this year and Love Creamery, one of Duluth's most popular places for treats, is celebrating Ice Cream For Breakfast Day. Love Creamery is a locally woman-owned creamery that "strives to make the best ice cream using the highest quality ingredients in each and every yummy flavor." They share online that they are proud to be Duluth’s original handcrafted artisan ice cream shop creating "flavorful dairy ice cream and vegan ice creams while living our values."

They shared their plans for Ice Cream For Breakfast Day this week through social media, inviting guests to visit either their Canal Park location at 366 South Lake Avenue or their Lincoln Park location at 1908 West Superior Street. They will have special ice cream treats available at 9 am Saturday.

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They will be serving heart-shaped gluten-free waffles topped with your choice of ice cream and toppings. They will also have some awesome breakfast-inspired ice cream flavors, affogatos, and even champagne floats! Please note that the champagne floats will only be available at their Lincoln Park location.

Love Creamery notes that all special offerings are limited and available while supplies last and if you're on the go, they can pack your order to go.

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